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CrossFire : the Final 12 hours

The final 12 hours - CF mobile game to start the year to 

survive the crisis of the big world to survive, countdown to 12 hours ... you can withstand the dark fear and the pressure of infected monsters, accompanied by the power failure lamp, before the island explosion, The ultimate survival? Tick... Tick... 

1. The final countdown is 12 hours. The big bang will come at the end of time, destroying the entire island, and the rescue capsule will be the only chance to survive. Collect precious food and medicine as soon as possible, and prepare for armed resources and race in an urgent time. 

2. Light source crisis. Light, meaning the hope of living, try to find light with your friends and spend the night. But in the next moment, which area will be powered off? 

3. Stress fear. Food shortage, long darkness, monster screaming... The critical environment often makes you highly nervous, the pressure is steep, and then leads to all kinds of negative states, survival is more difficult, use all means to stay awake, otherwise the spirit is extremely chaotic and collapse, you are about to go Destruction... 

Crossfire the Final 12 Hours : Click Here